Conquering the land of Fried Food!

On Saturday October 8, I went to the State Fair with an association I’m currently in called FSA. As a group, we all met at UTD and carpooled to the Dart Rail station. There are two special trains that run for specifically to the State Fair so no stops are needed. Around 5, we arrived and turned in our empty Dr. Pepper cans so we only had to pay $5 for admission. There was a TX vs OU game going on this weekend, so I expected the fair to be super crowded, however, by late afternoon, many people had left the fair. Even better, we met up with the FSA from UT. It was smart to go late since it was cool and windy for a change; however it ended up raining when I left.

Walking through one side of the fair

Awaiting me all around the fair was fried food! Since I was with a group, we all shared what we got so everyone got to try out a lot of different fried food. I bought fried vanilla cake balls and fried Snickers. Other things my group had were fried watermelon, funnel cake, Belgium waffles, sausage on a stick, and more.  Overall, I would say everything was delicious – however, quite expensive. Sharing is always a good option when it comes to trying out a lot of food.

Fried and other Delicious Food!

There were also many fun rides to go on; if you’ve never been on the ferris wheel, it’s a memorable experience and a pretty view from above. Other than rides, there were a lot of carnival games across from the food stands. There are huge stuffed animal prizes that everyone wants to have! Although it was a lot of money gone to waste, getting a huge prize would make up for it. My friends won a huge wolf-like puppy and the red angry bird along with the minion from Despicable Me. We also went to the car show when it was sprinkling outside. There were new, shiny cars, but I do not remember the names of them.

Large prizes and the car show

Overall, I would say the State Fair of Texas was a success. It was an enjoyable event even though I didn’t get to see everything I wanted to. It’s good to go with a group or a couple of people, so you can all enjoy the experience together and share food rather than spend a bunch of extra money. Even so, many people who haven’t gone still have a bit over two weeks to still go. I will actually be going again either this weekend or the next for sure.


State Fair of Texas!

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Craving fried food? The State Fair of Texas is back! The fair will be open from now until October 23; don’t miss your chance to enjoy a good time with friends and family, win prizes, and eat your heart out with the latest fried food craze.

Children under 48” tall or who are 2 years old or younger have free admission, and children in elementary to high school may use their free ticket given by their schools. Adults will have to pay for admission ($16), however there are discounts offered. McDonald’s offers $4 off admission with their coupon located on their trays. If you decide to go after 5pm, admission will be $5 with a Dr Pepper can. As for transportation, take it as a warning that the Dart will be packed all day!

There will be an auto show for anyone who has an interest in new and upcoming vehicles. Livestock shows are held here, and you’ll also find that there is a Children’s Barnyard where children can come pet animals. As you walk around, there are rides and carnival booth games where you can win enormous stuffed animal prizes. On certain days, there will be famous singers and bands performing. Remember to stop by Big Tex and take pictures!

One huge attraction – and the reason why many people come to the State Fair – is for fried food! This year’s options include fried bubblegum, deep fried Texas Salsa, fried autumn pie, fried pineapple upside-down cake, and much more! Also check out the buffalo chicken in a flapjack, el bananarito, and many more delicious treats!