Do it Justice: Jean Jackets

There is no other fabric that represents American youth like denim, which makes the denim jacket the cream of the crop. Trust me folks, it doesn’t get more American than this; unless you find yourself driving around in a Hummer, about to get it on with that chick from your bio lab that you’ve been trying to get with all year, or Country Fried Steaks, but even that is only pretty close. It’s no secret that denim jackets have been slowly starting to resurface season after season, largely thanks to  actors like Ryan Gosling, who is channeling his inner Steve McQueen, and even singing sensation Usher and Kanye West below pictured with his former girlfriend.

Kanye West And Amber Rose in Denim Jackets shot by Terry Richardson

(Photo taken by Terry Richardson)

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Taking a step in the right direction

As a writer for this online lifestyle blog, catered towards college students, I try my best to prepare you for a life post graduation as well. Yes, I know that looks aren’t everything, but there are some words that can’t be taken back with a poor appearance. Lets face it, those chuck-taylor’s you wore with your Al’s Formal Wear tuxedo to your senior prom won’t land you a 6 figure salary during your interview, or help you pick up that lovely lady from the bar.

As of right now the current trend is to have a pair of Wingtips, but I know they are A. Expensive B. Almost impossible to find second hand and C. too loud to truly be versatile. Cap Toe Oxfords are your next best bet.  They are still a little expensive (come on, they’re leather dress shoes, not some Jordans made in china). but don’t fret, these shoes are a worthy investment because they certainly look more professional and are easier to pair with than those black dress shoes you have in the back of your closet. Not that there is anything wrong with the black dress shoe, but lets try to add some more sophistication in your wardrobe. Stores such as Footsmart, Macys, and Urbanoutfitters sell cap toe oxfords for a very reasonable price.

Cap Toe Oxford's showing different views

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Mens Collegiate Essentials: Chinos

Levi 520 Khakis Modeled with a black and white gingham button up and a pair of Vans Shoes

Photography – Aldrin Tan

Autumn is approaching folks, time to say good-bye to honey dips in daisy dukes,  near triple digit weather, and those late nights galavanting around the city – now we are all back at our collegiate studies or work-force or both, late night study hours, and late night taco bell runs. A good pair of Chinos is as essential as a good pair of dark jeans.  For myself, they are reminiscent of my highschool years, when I was forced to pair them up with a odd color polo. But moving forward, chinos are versatile and essential in mens wardrobe – you can be as casual pairing them with a crisp graphic tee and some canvas shoes, or a dress it up with nice button down with some good wing tips. My general rule for this no matter  what color, or fabric – it’s all about the fit. Personally, I stick with the taper fit. My thighs are full size, but my calves are a little small. Don’t rush trying to get a pair cause its in style, be patient, try on different fits, and stick to ones you genuinely like. A good pair that fit will last you a life time and will prevent you from buying another.

Forever 21 $32.90 - Levis 511 Skinny Trousers  $58.00 -  H&M Chinos $34.95

A. Forever 21 $32.90 [Link] B. Levis 511 Skinny Trousers  $58.00 [Link] C.  H&M Chinos $34.95 [Link]

Aldrin Tan

Fashion Week Picks: Mens Edition

With the emergence in the popularity of male catered fashion blogs and style publications, no longer is the clothing and fashion industry all about our female counterparts. With more mens brands beginning to emerge and already established brands taking their male audience more seriously, guys have increased selection and purchasing power now more than ever. Of course along with this growth comes saturation and excess. As the residential men style advisor, it is my duty to guide you through all this and as a fellow undergraduate student, curate your taste away from temporary and ridiculous, and progress towards timelessness.

Fashion Week is treacherous, and for most of you guys its probably a little overwhelming. Never mind the runways, what’s important is observing what our fellow men are wearing on the streets. As men, we decide what we wear based on function and purpose, then it is our personal aesthetic that lets us decide on how we will wear these items. Gathering images from some of the best photographers documenting fashion week, here is a breakdown of four budget  or no budget trends that my undergraduate peers can catch on too.

Aldrin Tan

(Applause to Tommy Ton and GQ for the visuals)

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