A Haunted Night on the Edge

Halloween is just around the corner, and many of us are still trying to figure out how to spend it. As college students, we have been too old for trick-or-treating for far too long, tired of the costume parties we have to spend so much money to dress up for, and bored of having scary movies marathons with our best friends.  This year try something new and exciting and make your way to a haunted house.

There are countless haunted houses and corn mazes in the DFW area, ranging usually from $15- $30.  The most convenient place  for students here at UTD is the Slaughter House in Deep Ellum. VIP tickets are $30, and you do not have to wait in line. However if that’s too pricey, you can get tickets for $18 at the door. There’s also a free shuttle that takes you to Slaughter House as well as two other haunted houses located in downtown Dallas.

This past weekend, I went to Cutting Edge Haunted House in Forth Worth. It is rated one of the best haunted houses in America and holds the Guinness World Record for longest haunted house. Although the price is $30 per ticket and $10 for parking, most would say it is definitely worth it. Loud sounds, mazes in the dark, people following you, and of course chainsaws are just a few of the exciting things in store for you. Be prepared to get wet because there is a nice surprise waiting for you at the end.

My advice before going to a haunted house this Halloween is to look for coupons online, arrive early to avoid long lines, and be ready to scream!


Halloween Fits

Remember no matter how old you are, you’re never too old to participate in the spirit of Halloween. Whether you’re causing mischief around the campus, trick or treating with some friends, or hitting up that sorority party, you don’t want to be that guy with no costume. Sure you could go out, and become your favorite superhero or anime character but for those who don’t watch such things,  here is a fun filled post of how to do creative Halloween get-ups with what you may already have in your closet.

Robber Baron

Essientals: 1. Beanie or Ski Mask 2. Stripe-tee 3. Bag full of Cash (a empty pillow case with a money symbol drawn works as alternative as well.) 4. Mask (Optional)

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Halloween Costumes on a Budget

With the approach of Halloween comes the approach of a fun holiday tradition: costumes. Halloween is the one time a year it’s socially acceptable to dress up in crazy costumes. Creativity is encouraged and humor is rewarded. With the exploding trend of Halloween super stores, it’s easier than ever to put a costume together. However, the price for a store-bought costume is soaring. If you don’t have $100 to spend on a costume, here are some ideas to help you avoid those pesky overdraft fees.

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