The Endless Possibilities of a Plain White Tee

Every female college student should invest in a few Hanes v-neck plain white tee’s. The possibilities with this one piece of clothing are endless. They come in a pack of three for about $7, and I assure you, you won’t regret a single penny spent. Here are just some of the ways you can utilize your new plain white tee.

White Tee with Cardigan White Tee with Scarf

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Dress it Up- You can wear your white tee with a high-waisted skirt and a blazer for a job interview or a nice pair of skinny jeans and heels and you’re ready for a night on the town. Or Dress it Down- In a hurry to class or just not in the mood to get ready? Slip on a pair of shorts or some leggings with your tee for a more casual look.

Wear your white tee with a cardigan or a vest, with fun scarves and necklaces, or layer with colored tank tops for a unique style. You can even add a big belt buckle to make a statement.

There are many ways to make your white tee your own. You can start simple by tie dying or splatter painting your shirt- not only is it fun to make with your friends, but it is also fun to wear. You can grab a pair of scissors and make it a cropped tee, or add fringe to the bottom. You can even cut your t-shirt into a scarf. Make a quick trip to Hobby Lobby and add glitter glue, sequins, rhinestones, patches, and all sorts of other things. To make something even more advanced, transform your tee into a dress for the college that you attend by adding ribbon and fabric of your school colors.

White Tee with Gray Cardigan White Tee with Leather Jacket

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The plain white tee is a must have for your college wardrobe. Not only is it affordable but gives you the ability to transform it into whatever you want it to be to match your personality.


Mens Collegiate Essentials: Chinos

Levi 520 Khakis Modeled with a black and white gingham button up and a pair of Vans Shoes

Photography – Aldrin Tan

Autumn is approaching folks, time to say good-bye to honey dips in daisy dukes,  near triple digit weather, and those late nights galavanting around the city – now we are all back at our collegiate studies or work-force or both, late night study hours, and late night taco bell runs. A good pair of Chinos is as essential as a good pair of dark jeans.  For myself, they are reminiscent of my highschool years, when I was forced to pair them up with a odd color polo. But moving forward, chinos are versatile and essential in mens wardrobe – you can be as casual pairing them with a crisp graphic tee and some canvas shoes, or a dress it up with nice button down with some good wing tips. My general rule for this no matter  what color, or fabric – it’s all about the fit. Personally, I stick with the taper fit. My thighs are full size, but my calves are a little small. Don’t rush trying to get a pair cause its in style, be patient, try on different fits, and stick to ones you genuinely like. A good pair that fit will last you a life time and will prevent you from buying another.

Forever 21 $32.90 - Levis 511 Skinny Trousers  $58.00 -  H&M Chinos $34.95

A. Forever 21 $32.90 [Link] B. Levis 511 Skinny Trousers  $58.00 [Link] C.  H&M Chinos $34.95 [Link]

Aldrin Tan