Mens Collegiate Essentials: Chinos

Levi 520 Khakis Modeled with a black and white gingham button up and a pair of Vans Shoes

Photography – Aldrin Tan

Autumn is approaching folks, time to say good-bye to honey dips in daisy dukes,  near triple digit weather, and those late nights galavanting around the city – now we are all back at our collegiate studies or work-force or both, late night study hours, and late night taco bell runs. A good pair of Chinos is as essential as a good pair of dark jeans.  For myself, they are reminiscent of my highschool years, when I was forced to pair them up with a odd color polo. But moving forward, chinos are versatile and essential in mens wardrobe – you can be as casual pairing them with a crisp graphic tee and some canvas shoes, or a dress it up with nice button down with some good wing tips. My general rule for this no matter  what color, or fabric – it’s all about the fit. Personally, I stick with the taper fit. My thighs are full size, but my calves are a little small. Don’t rush trying to get a pair cause its in style, be patient, try on different fits, and stick to ones you genuinely like. A good pair that fit will last you a life time and will prevent you from buying another.

Forever 21 $32.90 - Levis 511 Skinny Trousers  $58.00 -  H&M Chinos $34.95

A. Forever 21 $32.90 [Link] B. Levis 511 Skinny Trousers  $58.00 [Link] C.  H&M Chinos $34.95 [Link]

Aldrin Tan