Meet the Authors


Patti McLetchie, Group Leader
I was a lover of style and fashion since age 5 when my mother had to put a lock on my closet door. That little girl got to style fashion shows, print layouts, and TV segments for Macy’s and Galleria Dallas which was a dream come true. Now, my friends covet my fashion ideas and make time to bring me along on their shopping trips. You can catch me on a daily basis wearing a cotton v neck tee and boyfriend jeans with an array of bright, playful accessories. I am all about great basics with a trendy, fun spin with amazing accessories.

Laila Mir, Editor
Hey! My name is Laila Mir. I am double majoring in Emerging Media and Communications and Business at the University of Texas at Dallas. My background as editor-in-chief of my high school yearbook staff sparked my interest in new media. Being born in the busy city of Chicago and raised in the quiet suburbs of Dallas, I have developed diversity in my lifestyle, from the way I look at fashion to the way I eat on a daily basis. This diversity has contributed to my interest in fashion, food, design, and entertainment, the four biggest factors in a college student’s life.

Kristine Lauderdale, Editor
Hi! My name is Kristine and, like many of you, I’m a college student on a tight budget. That means I have to do one of my favorite things in order to live the good life: get creative! I’ve learned that having a limited cash flow does not mean you have to have a limited lifestyle. Deals are everywhere, and DIY projects are valuable for being both a way to save money on an item an activity to pass the time. I can’t wait to share my tips with everyone!

Lily Wang, Designer
Hi! I’m Lily Wang, just another student from the University of Texas at Dallas who’s interested in learning more about design, culture, and social media as a whole.  As a college student, we live on a budget, and as a fellow shopper, I try to get the most out of my expenses through the best finds and deals. Being in college doesn’t mean we have to give up our lifestyle and expenses; it’s about finding an alternative to your situation and enjoying the little things. Through guidance and advice on fashion and lifestyle, hopefully I too, can help out everyone survive the college life.

Aldrin Tan, Promoter
Greetings! My name is Aldrin Tan. I’m currently a Emerging media and Communications Major studying at the University of Texas at Dallas. My interest in all things trending, design, and culture has lead me to select EMACas my major. I don’t possess any formal background in fashion from a design standpoint, but as a long time consumer I’ve figured out where my money is best invested in. I hope to share my knowledge of recognizing quality products, and budgeting with you to help other college students from making regrettable purchases.


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