3 Principles of Avoiding Bad Purchases

Well, it has been fun folks. I figured my last blog post as your residential ‘style advisor’ should be a tip that can applied season in, season out. With that being said, nothing is more seasonal than having making those bad and regrettable purchases. We all make them occasionally. You know what I’m talking about.. ‘that’ pair of pants that will never see the light of day or those pair of shoes that you have worn maybe 3 times in the past year. Sure they might have been only 30.00, but that’s 30.00 wasted and the only return you are getting for your investment is dust. Couple more of these bad purchases, and you are looking at a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear. Avoiding bad clothing purchases can be a little tricky but is something that will help you save money in the long run. I’ve managed to break it down to three fairly simple rules


1.) Perceived Vs Real Value – Since I am currently without a job (for the purpose of focusing on my academics of course), I have started to become more critical of my purchases. With every purchase made, I am beginning to measure the balance of perceived and real value in these items. Real value is centered in the make of an item such as the quality of the materials, versatility of the product, and the precision poured into the construction/thought/labor of the finish item. Perceived value has to do with image and the brand name and the reputation that comes with it. Perceived value is what makes items trendy, cool, and often results in purchases where you end up wearing the item one time and it’s never to be seen again. Real value is what makes items classic, and finds its way into your rotation of clothes for years to come. Product with real value will be products you get the most use out of and prices are always easily justified.

Ralph Lauren Ranger Boots on sale for 150.00 U.S Dollars at Macys.com

Ralph Lauren is one my personal favorite brands that have the perfect balance between real and perceived value. Each product is timeless, and holds high quality that establishes the famed reputation that follows Polo Ralph Lauren name. These Polo Ranger Boots are classic, highly versatile, and they will be seeing the bottom of your foot for years.

2.) The Three R’s to avoiding bad consumer habits -Be Rational in your choices, If you have 150 dollars dedicated to groceries that needs to last you for the next two month, you have no business purchasing a 100 dollar pair of shoes because you are in need of ‘retail’ therapy which is probably a sign that you need some real therapy (FOOD OVER EVERYTHING..NOMNOMNOM).

You also have to be Reasonable when deciding to buy something. Which brings us to one of my biggest pet peeves, Just because something is on sale or cheap, doesn’t mean you should buy it. If that pair of $20 nikes only goes with one or two shirts in your closet, that means you will end up spending more money trying to find something to go with those shoes.

Generic Frame Striped Crewneck Sweatshirt on sale for 30.00 at UrbanOutfitters.com

There is a few things that I have that I can pair with this Generic Framed Stripe CrewNeck from UrbanOutFitters, one of them is a bag of gummy worms.

And the last one, is being Realistic. Know your size; just because you think you can fit into medium doesn’t mean you should wear a medium. (Consult the people on the sales floor or the fitting room, that what they are there for) Also, if you already have 5 pairs of dark jeans, do you really need to buy the one you find on the sale rack?

Russel Brand in ill fitting clothing

Photo from INFphoto.com

Russel Brand can fit into in his clothes, and so can a tree branch.

3. At The End of the Day, It Is Your Choice  – I found that the worse transactions people have made were the ones where they feel obligated and/or rushed into making the purchases. Remember, you never HAVE TO HAVE anything. Being able to have the choice whether to purchase this item vs that item is a decision we have the luxury to make. Be patient and really think about where your money is going.

Sincere thanks folks and many blessings.

– Aldrin Tan

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