Do it Justice: Jean Jackets

There is no other fabric that represents American youth like denim, which makes the denim jacket the cream of the crop. Trust me folks, it doesn’t get more American than this; unless you find yourself driving around in a Hummer, about to get it on with that chick from your bio lab that you’ve been trying to get with all year, or Country Fried Steaks, but even that is only pretty close. It’s no secret that denim jackets have been slowly starting to resurface season after season, largely thanks to  actors like Ryan Gosling, who is channeling his inner Steve McQueen, and even singing sensation Usher and Kanye West below pictured with his former girlfriend.

Kanye West And Amber Rose in Denim Jackets shot by Terry Richardson

(Photo taken by Terry Richardson)

I’m fully aware that not everyone is confident enough to pull one of these bad boys off. For me, any good looking outfit revolves brands they wear sike – around simple contrast. Whether the contrast is by fit, color scheme, or tones. When trying to pull off the denim jacket, it is about having a good color scheme. Contrasting colors helps highlight the separate elements and articles but ties it all back together. Below I photographed a couple of ideas to help you out.

Flannel, Khakis, and Denim Jacket

A pair of khakis or corduroys are probably the best bottoms to pair with a denim jacket.

Contrasting elements highlight each different article of clothing together

The best accesible brand to look for as far as denim, is none other than Levis. Their collection of quality denim jackets have been growing through out the years, and are easy to find. I advise my fellow men to skip the pre-distressed denim jackets, buy a denim that is raw and dark. Continue to wear the jacket season after season, go on a couple of adventures in the mountains of Yosemite or have a night on the city , and eventually the denim will wear on its own. Break into your personal patterns of wear making the jacket fit like a glove. For those looking for a cheaper alternative route, Etsy has a slew of used denim jackets for a more reasonable price. So go have some good old fashion American fun folks… but not to much fun.

– Aldrin Tan


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