Tailgate like a lady!

Thanksgiving is almost here and our bellies are fully prepared for the amount of turkey we are about to eat, but is your tailgating outfit prepared for the Thanksgiving Day game? Come on y’all, we live in Texas and even if you aren’t a true Dallasite you probably know that you need to rock an amazing Dallas Cowboy’s outfit to tailgate with the best of them. Here are some tips on how to style a cute tailgating outfit without breaking budget, and without wearing those tacky box cut jerseys.

navy Target cardigen, tan leather Charolette Russe boot, black Forever 21 legging

It is important to remember that you don’t need to break your budget to buy a NFL girl jersey just to support your favorite team. The easiest way to begin is to find an item includes your teams color. I strongly suggest finding a cute, v-neck boyfriend cardigan. If you are going to be outside, the Texas weather is so unpredictable that a fabulous cardigan can keep you warm, while not over heating you if it’s 70+ degrees outside. Since most people in the DFW area are passionate Dallas Cowboy’s fans we have put together an easy and stylish tailgating outfit for upcoming football games. Every woman should have their basic white v-neck tee in their wardrobe, so bust that out and pair it with this dreamy navy cardigan from Target. Wear this cardigan with a pair of black leggings from Forever 21, and light brown leather boots from Charolette Russe that are comfy enough for you to stand in. These boots give you a cowboy feel without being full on cowboy boots which will allow you to wear them more often. This outfit allows you to wear your team’s colors but still be stylish and feminine at the same time. The boots from Charolette Russe are a fabulous deal because when you buy one pair for $42.50 you get an additional pair for $15.50!

Timex watch, forever 21 bangles, Charolette Russe scarf

Accessorize your outfit with stacked mismatched silver bangles from Forever 21, a dainty floral scarf from Charolette Russe, and a fabulous Timex men’s wear watch from JCPenny’s. This way, you can keep track of how many more minutes you have of the football game before you can eat more turkey. Every woman should have a trendy men’s wear watch and this one is on sale at JCPenny’s for $40. This price seems a little high, but it is a great investment because a Timex watch will never go out of style, and will last you a life time. Incorporating silver helps keep you on color scheme with the Dallas Cowboys while allowing you to stay true to yourself with your style; not to mention you can wear this even when they aren’t playing! Keep your style fun and flirty while playing with your team’s colors, by shopping for pieces that you normally wouldn’t throw together. The best thing about dressing for a sporting event is the juxtaposition you are playing with, girly and sporty.

Victoria Secret's PINK Dallas Cowboys shirt

If you really want to wear your teams logo on the day of the game, you’re in luck. Many stores have started to pick up on the fact that women want something more fun and flirty to wear out to a game. One of the best examples for college students is the Victoria Secret PINK line that has a whole selection of college, and national teams. PINK has a wide variety of shirts, undies, sweaters, sweatpants, sleep wear, and anything else under the sun they could come up with. Victoria Secrets prices range from $10.50-$98. The NFL finally caught onto this trend that Victoria Secret really carved out of the market, and created the Alyssa Milano line for NFL. This line of NFL team goodies ranges from clothing to accessories while keeping a loungey, feminine touch and can range anywhere from $19.00-$79.00. Another great place to look for trendy tailgating items is a brand called Junk Food. You may remember seeing their vintage screen printed t-shirts in Hot Topic, but now they have an NFL collection. Stores and brands have figured out that women are a huge market for sporting wear and you can find small stores all around DFW catering to this demographic. Keep your eyes peeled and you will find some amazing deals on cute items that you can rock while supporting your favorite team!


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