Putting Your Best Face Forward

As the winter season approaches, and the weather outside changes, so do the trends in make-up. This season calls for smokey eyes, wine-stained lips, and natural facial tones.

Smokey Eyes 

Kim Kardashian with the smokey eye look


This winter the smokey eye is a big hit. The colors you can use for you smokey eye vary with the look you’re going for, but the big colors this season include burnt orange and electric blues. Of course, you can never go wrong with blacks, grays, and browns.

Wine-Stained Lips 

Mila Kunis with a wine-stained lip color


Another upcoming trend in make-up this season is wine-stained lips. The colors include burgundies, oranges, purples, and pinks. Wine-stained lips gives your make-up a twist, without being too bold with a red shade.

Natural Facial Tones 

Emmanuelle Chriqui with a natural look


When it comes to your face, this season, “it’s more about the complexion and less about the blush.” Natural is in. Wear as little make-up as possible and flaunt your true beauty.

Must- have products for the best look for Winter of 2011 include MAC’s Glitter and Ice Collection and Urban Decay’s Naked Palette. MAC offers various Ice Parade kits ranging from $35- $50. In this price range you get eye shadows, blush, lip colors, and brushes, along with a cute makeup bag. The Naked Palette is $48 and comes with an eye shadow brush, 12 eye shadows, and primer. These products will help you achieve the latest make-up trends, last awhile, and keep you from spending big bucks. Try out these tips and be beautiful this winter!


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