Fall Asleep With Your Boots On

Fall is officially here, and with the shift of the seasons comes a shift in the wardrobe. From tank tops to cardigans, and shorts to skinny jeans, it’s time to transition to cool-weather clothes. Of course, you’re not going to wear your cute fall outfits with flip flops, so it’s also time to move towards warmer footwear.

Luckily for us, girls, there are plenty of choices out there. Here are some budget-friendly options.

The Cozy Boot

cozy boot from Target.com

The cozy boot is a fall must-have. This one, from Target.com, is a wallet-friendly version of the popular, but expensive Ugg boot. I like it because it has a lot of the things you should look for: nice tread on the bottom, a fuzzy or furry lining, multiple color options (pick the one that matches the majority of your comfy, casual outfits), and it even opens on the side to make it easier to tuck your jeans or pants into them.

The Tall Boot

tall boots, flattall boots w/heel

When picking out a tall boot, there are a few things to keep in mind. Think carefully about what you’re going to be wearing this pair with. Are most of your outfits slouchy or casual? A flat boot might be the way to go (this one is from Charlotte Russe). On the other hand, if your style is a little more Uptown, you probably want a bit of a heel (head to your local Rue 21 to try these on). Also think about how they might look with any dresses or skirts you might want to wear. Finally, it’s important to find one that can be worn on top of pants and underneath them. This will give you extra bang for your buck, and give you more chances to wear them. Adjustable ones, like the flat boot, are great for this.

The Going Out Shoe

going out bootie

Booties are in this year and are super versatile. A chic, understated pair like this one from Charlotte Russe can be worn with skinny jeans tucked in to them or regular jeans over them. With the right outfit, you could really rock a skirt or dress with them as well. When choosing what color you’re going to get, consider grey. It’s a perfect neutral and compliments almost any color in your wardrobe.

And that’s it! With only three pairs of shoes, you’re covered for almost any situation. The key is figuring out what you’ll wear the most by looking at what you already have in your wardrobe. Of course, nobody wants to wear the same shoes every day, so you probably want to have a few variations for some. After all, you can never have too many shoes!

The best part? All the boots mentioned in this article are less (sometimes much less) than $40. Affordable footwear is out there, ladies. You just have to know where to look.

cozy boots: Target.com, $24.99
tall boots, flat: CharlotteRusse.com, $35.50
tall boots, heel: Rue21.com, $29.99
booties: CharlotteRusse.com, $30.oo

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