Taking a step in the right direction

As a writer for this online lifestyle blog, catered towards college students, I try my best to prepare you for a life post graduation as well. Yes, I know that looks aren’t everything, but there are some words that can’t be taken back with a poor appearance. Lets face it, those chuck-taylor’s you wore with your Al’s Formal Wear tuxedo to your senior prom won’t land you a 6 figure salary during your interview, or help you pick up that lovely lady from the bar.

As of right now the current trend is to have a pair of Wingtips, but I know they are A. Expensive B. Almost impossible to find second hand and C. too loud to truly be versatile. Cap Toe Oxfords are your next best bet.  They are still a little expensive (come on, they’re leather dress shoes, not some Jordans made in china). but don’t fret, these shoes are a worthy investment because they certainly look more professional and are easier to pair with than those black dress shoes you have in the back of your closet. Not that there is anything wrong with the black dress shoe, but lets try to add some more sophistication in your wardrobe. Stores such as Footsmart, Macys, and Urbanoutfitters sell cap toe oxfords for a very reasonable price.

Cap Toe Oxford's showing different views

Cap Toe Oxford shoe side view

It doesn’t hurt to visit some outlet malls, where deals can be incredible. Your safe bets for brands to look for are cole haan – , bostonians , and bass. For a even greater deal, head to your local thrift stores and goodwills  (no worries, there is no shame it it), where with a little bit of luck I stumbled  the  two pairs above for less than 8 dollars. Don’t worry about the scuffs and nicks, shoes are meant to be worn. The only thing you want to worry about is cleaning the inside, nothing to complicated though – rubbing alcohol should be fine. And like a good pair of raw denim, these leather shoes get better with age. As style icon Nick Wooster advises, building a good wardrobe is about building around the classics and with patience you will have a wardrobe you can wear season after season.

– Aldrin Tan


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