Heavy On Style, Light On Your Wallet

Accessorizing, although quite possibly the most important part of completing your look, can often also be the most expensive. The majority of girls don’t realize how simple it is to make your own jewelry that is both unique and inexpensive. Here are just a couple of the endless options of DIY jewelry projects.

  Wrap Bracelets   

Example of beaded wrap bracelets Wrap bracelets displayed on hand

These bracelets are fun to make and can give you so many different looks depending on the beads you use, the color of the cords, and the number of times you wrap them.  You can make them as dressy or as casual as you choose to and you can wear them with jeans and t-shirt or a nice dress. Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to make these wrap bracelets.

“Bib” Necklaces

Examples of Bib Necklaces

The first step for the “bib” necklace is to create the rosettes. Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to create the rosettes. Once you have the number of rosettes you want for your necklace, you cut a piece of felt of about the size of the necklace you would like. Play with the rosettes, and place them on the felt in the formation that goes captures the look you are going for.  Once you have decided, glue them onto the felt with the fabritac glue you used to create the rosettes. Next, cut two pieces of ribbon, any style, each about 13 inches long. Glue about an inch of the ribbon onto the back of the felt along the outside end of the “bib”, on both sides. Tie the pieces together when you want to wear the necklace.

These necklaces are also very unique to your personal style depending on which fabric you choose to use and whether or not you add fun beads, buttons, and rhinestones on top of the flowers. They add to any plain shirt and capture the attention of many.

Project ideas & Photos by Amy Sullivan. 

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