All of the LIGHTS

View of blue to white light pathway

It was a chilly night on Friday, October 28, not to mention the Rangers were playing their last game in the World Series, but there was something exceptional happening in the quiet streets of downtown. For those of us that braved the chilly temperatures for Dallas sites, we were washed over with the beautiful colors, sounds, and lights that cluttered Flora Street.  Aurora was one of the last events in the Dallas Arts District, Art In October exhibition. This was Aurora’s second year taking over Flora Street during their now annual event in Dallas.

Side view of GOD lighting installation

I went downtown hoping to see my favorite type of modern art, installations, and I was not disappointed. At Aurora, there were local and national artists who helped cover the Arts District in beautiful lights that truly got your mind wandering. The event spanned from the Dallas Museum of Art to the Arts One Plaza and had installations that both adults and children found enjoyable. I was intrigued by anything that involves televisions, lights, and participation, so Aurora was the event for me.  The wonderful thing about Aurora was that the artists were usually somewhere near their elaborate pieces, making understanding their concept easier.Tunnel box installation at Auroa 2011

Many people who attended the event were dressed up in costumes for the Halloween weekend. The costumes only added an artistic aspect to the event because the they enhanced the pieces around us. The pieces ranged from sculptures and projections to light installations, voice installations, and mixed media pieces. You can see a beautiful photo album of the Aurora event on Flickr, here. While enjoying all of the art, the entire street was flooded with food trucks and eating areas. The best of the best food trucks were in the district Friday, delivering the most delicious bites. And of course, what draws every college student the most, the event was free!

field of lights from Aurora 2011


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