Scarves are your New Best Friend!

The weather has been getting chilly, and winter time will be here soon! Wearing a plain white tee, jeans, boots, and a jacket is fit for the season, but you won’t stand out from the crowd. By adding a scarf to a simple outfit, you will get a fashionable look without all the effort. It will give any outfit a different and refreshing look. Scarves are fairly affordable, (around $10) and you can find them at almost any women’s clothing store.

Besides keeping you warm, one of the best things about a scarf is the various ways you can wear one. The video below will show you how to wear a simple scarf in seven different ways.

Scarves come in different sizes, patterns, and shapes. There are long scarves, muffler scarves, which commonly come in plaid designs, and circles scarves.  Scarves can make anyone look fashionable, but the desired style you go for is up to you.

RegularPlaid DesignRound Scarf


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