Mid Semester Blues Pick-Me-Up!

Eyes crossed from the mid semester blues? Perhaps a good breakfast will do the trick to get your butt back in gear to finish out the semester strong. I recently had the grand pleasure of checking out a local hole-in-the-wall donut shop that is disguised as a pizza joint Monday-Friday. This delicious hidden treasure is within 5 miles of the UTD campus and is located on Preston, right before Frankford. Hypnotic Donuts is inside The Pizza Guy and man am I ever glad that I found this gem.

My roommate told me we needed to get there early but I had no idea that by early she meant at 6:30AM on a Saturday morning. Perhaps her intentions were correct because the weekend prior, they had SOLD OUT of donuts at 7:45am – just 45 minutes after they open! We arrived at The Pizza Guy, waited in our car patiently for the clock to strike 7:00AM. We were in line with 5 other people at 7:00AM when they opened up the gates to foodie heaven. The process was simple: look at their list of gourmet donuts, pick your poison, tell the sweet lady what you’d like, she writes it on a box, and then they dress the donuts while you patiently await your breakfast.

I ordered Ella’s Apples to Apples and an OU donut. The four guys in front of me ordered the Chicken and Waffles which looked tasty, but I am not a big bacon eater. We waited for probably about 5 minutes and then the first batch of donuts came out to the guys in front of us and man, once I smelled the Chicken and Waffles donut I knew that I had to order it. It just looked like such a masterpiece. So, I put in my order and was told it would be about 6 minutes for my donut. Though their donut prices are a little higher than I would have liked, it was well worth the money spent. Their donuts range from $1.25-$7.00. The Chicken and Waffles was the most expensive donut I bought at a whopping $6. This donut is two slices of a glazed donut, glazed side up with a piece of fried boneless chicken on top of the donut, bacon on top of that, and then another piece of fried boneless chicken with the other two glazed slices glazed side down to make this gooey mess that melts in your mouth.

Chicken N Waffles from Hypnotic Donuts

If there is anything that will cure the mid semester blues, it is going to be Hypnotic Donuts. The people at Hypnotic are all about living in harmony and customer service which is what makes this place so special. Hypnotic Donuts gets the Undergrad’s Society seal of approval for amazing taste and great quality food for a college friendly price. Planning your trip to Hypnotic? Don’t want to get up at 7:00AM? You can pre-order your donuts online at http://www.hypnoticdonuts.com/ and have your pick up at a more college friendly time.


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