DIY College Investment: Clippers

Hair Clipper set organized and laid out

One thing a lot of our college brethren’s cut back on is getting hair cuts. As men on the pursuit of knowledge we tend to neglect what we have on top of our brain, and much rather put on a hat then to invest in a hair cut we end up hating anyways. I get it you’re in college, whether you are living on a loan or a scholarship the point is we are all on some time of limited budget. Let’s face it, paying more than 10 dollars for a hair cut can rack up and money be spent on better things like a case of beer, shots, and cool clothes … I mean, paying off student loans and bills … Yeah, that’s what I meant.

Hair-cuts are tricky, getting a good hair cut barber requires regular visits to your barber, building up a relationship and tipping well. Both of which take some time, and money both of which aren’t expendable as students. So its time to take a matter of our own hands and take control. The first step is to buy a set of clippers. That broke? Call up the gang, and split the cost. Think of it as investment, an investment that will save you all money in the long-run and learning to cut hair could be a skill that could make you money.  Set below is sold at your local Walgreens for 19.99 [LINK]

Wahl Clippers from Walgreens

Electric clippers are fitted with guards dictating how close of a trim you want. A No. 1 is 1/8 of an inch, a No. 4 is 4/8 of an inch, etc.  Want a fool proof cut buzz cut? Just run one of those numbers around your hair evenly. Sadly enough this is the only basic cut, the rest is about knowing the lines of your head and know what you want. Fortunately for us, we live in the age of the internet, their are videos on YouTube and visual references that we can use in order to achieve  results.  Here is a couple of articles and videos below that will start you off and rest is up to you. Good luck, bretherns!

Aldrin Tan


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