Save the TA-TA’s — Shopping for a cause!

It’s October again and everywhere we turn in stores, including the grocery store, is reminding us that it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Being a female, it is important for me to support this cause and as an added plus many different brands come out with special items during the month of October. We even see this trend while watching football games, when all of the NFL teams add a little pink to their uniforms.

Most notably you can recognize these brands and stores for their efforts to provide fun pink colored frocks, gadgets, beauty products, and home décor items during this month:

Ralph Lauren
Kitchen Aid
Estee Lauder
Old Navy
Lily Pullitzer
“Smart Tee’s” Ann Taylor LOFT
Betsey Johnson
Hanky Panky
P&G Beauty
New Balance
Tory Burch
BCBG MaxAzria
Juicy Couture
“Key to the Cure” Saks Fifth Avenue

Perhaps you are like me and all of these are brands you love and would die to buy some items from, but are honestly a little out of your price range. As a college student I do not have the budget to go out and buy the Swarovski Breast Cancer jewelry so I decided to go on a small shopping spree with only $40 to spend on items to complete my October trend of Breast Cancer Awareness products. When I went out shopping, I soon found that the majority of items were not something I could transition into my wardrobe because they were just pink t-shirts that said something about fighting breast cancer. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am all for those t-shirts but my goal was to find things to support the cause that I could also use in my everyday wardrobe so that I truly get the most for my dollar.

I went to Target, Old Navy, JCPenny’s, and Kohls. While all of the stores had t-shirts that part of the profit went to breast cancer research foundations only one store had items that I could use in my everyday wardrobe. JCPenny’s was the winner because they not only had clothing items but they also had fun, trendy accessories. I ended up purchasing $42 and got 4 different items. I found a great pair of black work out shorts with pink trim for those mornings that I feel like being comfy while going to class.

In addition to the shorts I found some fantastic jewelry! I was very excited to find jewelry because I truly believe that jewelry is the easiest way to make your look complete. I purchased a set of earrings, a long necklace with a pendant, and a cocktail ring. I would not suggest wearing all of the pieces at the same time but the necklace and earrings would look great together and the ring and earrings also make a good pair. You can wear any of these items with a great v -neck black tee, skinny jeans, boyfriend cardigan, and fun colored flats.

earrings, cocktail ring for Breast Cancer

work out shorts for Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer necklace

No one would ever know that these pieces were part of a breast cancer awareness line but you feel fantastic wearing them knowing you helped support finding a cure! The best part is that you can transition all of these pieces into your wardrobe for the months beyond October. Have fun and be playful with the jewelry items that you may find that support the breast cancer cause and try to piece them with great basics and you will be able to wear this trend all year long.


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