Fashion Week Picks: Mens Edition

With the emergence in the popularity of male catered fashion blogs and style publications, no longer is the clothing and fashion industry all about our female counterparts. With more mens brands beginning to emerge and already established brands taking their male audience more seriously, guys have increased selection and purchasing power now more than ever. Of course along with this growth comes saturation and excess. As the residential men style advisor, it is my duty to guide you through all this and as a fellow undergraduate student, curate your taste away from temporary and ridiculous, and progress towards timelessness.

Fashion Week is treacherous, and for most of you guys its probably a little overwhelming. Never mind the runways, what’s important is observing what our fellow men are wearing on the streets. As men, we decide what we wear based on function and purpose, then it is our personal aesthetic that lets us decide on how we will wear these items. Gathering images from some of the best photographers documenting fashion week, here is a breakdown of four budget  or no budget trends that my undergraduate peers can catch on too.

Aldrin Tan

(Applause to Tommy Ton and GQ for the visuals)

Photography of Cropped Pants worn by men during Fashion Week 2011

Don’t be afraid to show some ankle. Yes, it might be a little reminiscent of those odd years in middle school when you realized mothers twice-a- year shopping trip wasn’t going to cut it. But now we are a little older, so our cropped pants look a little less of a product of an undeniable growth spurt, and more of the product of a gentlemen’s leisurely attitude. | Remember how you wear an item is more important than how much money you spent on it or the name on the label. No need to buy any new pants here folks, take those chinos you’ve been wearing and cuff them up one.

Blue and Red Navajo Patterned Socks worn

The added cuffing and ankle  exposure also means it’s time for gentlemen to step up their sock game to compliment those brown leather dress shoes or canvas sneakers. Whether they are loud or muted, just remember to leave the white socks for your sneakers. | Most family friendly clothing companies haven’t seen the need to give their male audience a variety in sock selection. So men, feel free to browse the womens selection for something that suits your taste. – for example. 

Gentlemen show 2 ways of wear wide tees, 1st has a tie that compliments his pocket  handkerchief, and the other gentlemen is wearing a wide ties that compliments the color of his suit.

It was only a matter of time before we saw a decline in the skinny tie. The wider tie is a lot bolder, and signals that you are more established, run the office with a big stick, and know how to down a good glass of whiskey. – er at least look like it. | Trends run in cycles those who are trendsetters are just people that recognize a trend in its infancy, and embrace it. Wide ties are still easy to find anywhere. For those whose budget might be smaller, look at your local thrift you can find a good tie for less than two bucks.

Navy Blazer and Navy Pants are colors being introduced into mens wardrobe this season.

We know that that black and white go with almost anything and over the past couple of seasons, men have learned to embrace grey into this palette of muted tones. Now its time to add navy into the mix. | Navy khakis are versatile with anything, and unique enough to turn heads to whatever event you are attending. Invest in a pair that fit well, and that will last you through your collegiate years and beyond, given that your waist size stays the same.  Take a look at these pair from GAP . If it still happens to be beyond your budget take a pair from a thrift store, and visit a local tailor get ’em fitted to your liking.


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